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READ LIBRARY E-BOOKS AT HOME! APS LIBRARY ELECTRONIC BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE  ANYTIME FOR FREE.  read HOW TO ACCESS THEM in the purple column in the middle of this webpage. Also listed are other great digital resources.   

Welcome to the Library

Hi STUDENTS and families, i want to wish all of you a terrific summer! I wish good luck to all the 5th graders as you start middle school in the fall! i'll inform everyone as soon as we can return library books. no worries. keep reading.  miss you all, MS. T.   

Free Resources for Digital Learning and Fun: --Click LIBRARY

--For resources, games and information articles:

Click the HOME tab,

Browse the home page, especially Britannica.

When in Britannica: click the Students tab and log-in with your student number and password that you use at school.


--For eBooks

Click the CATALOG tab


2. Scroll down to Electronic Books (eBooks), click it.

3. Go back to the search bar, click return. This will show all 925 eBooks available.

4. OR narrow your search by subject or keyword, or author, etc. in the search bar.

5. Once you find an eBook you like, if it says IN on the right side, click the OPEN tab.

6. The book will download for you. It’s sometimes a little slow.

7. On the top right of the screen will be options for number of pages on the screen, background color, font size and a speaker icon for audio reading (most books).

8. Use the arrow on the right side to turn the pages.

9. Close the book when you are all done. LEARNING LINKS. There are many free fun, interactive learning activities and games for students.

More Kid-Friendly Digital Resources available:


Ebooks on Tumble Books link:


Also, read Amazing Children's Books Online - Unlimited Access to the Best Books and Learning Videos For Kids 12 and Under
The leading digital library for kids offering unlimited access to 35,000 of the best children’s books of all time. Sign up for a free 30 day trial to instantly access high-quality online books for kids, ebooks, audio books, quizzes, videos, and more.

Sign up at of activities for kids at home. Also, if you have a library card, there are many digital books available. days of free daily activities, reading and lessons for different levels free to Chamiza families. Suited for grades K thru 3rd. There are lots of exciting research tools, games, videos and more. Watch Ms. T's video about How to use Pebblego. Click the link below: always free to Chamiza families. Suited for grades 3rd thru 6th.  There are lots of exciting research tools, games, videos and more. from the publishers of PebbleGo. There are eBooks to read free during this time of school closures.

Audible is now offering a selection of free audiobooks for kids during this time. Search for Audible Kids or Audible FreeTime Unlimited. You can also search Audible on Amazon

Reading Rainbow is on NETFLIX and has 15 seasons of episodes full of shows with books read aloud along with related stories and information.  

Storyline Online is a free website with SAG actors & actresses that read aloud books with excitement.

Junior Library Guild: a website with digital books and a lot more, is free right now.

From Benchmark Universe: FREE eBook Libraries--Curated Collections for Families and Caregivers. English, Spanish and Dual Language libraries featuring hundreds of captivating, content-rich titles! Includes an At-Home Family Guide for engagement ideas. 

Sign up for Instant Access >>

Oakley and Scarlett are one year old!
Oakley and Scarlett

Dion's Club Read sheets can now be submitted online. Here is the link:

The scorecards can still be take to any local Dion's too. 

Thank you volunteers, staff and families!