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Guidance and Counseling services are provided by a licensed mental health professional. Students, parents, teachers, and staff may consult with the counselor on a confidential basis. If a student is not feeling happy or successful at school, the counselor may be of help. 

Parents are invited to contact counselor any time during school hours to discuss any concerns about their child.

When a child is referred for counseling services, the counselor will contact the parents/guardians before counseling sessions begin. 

The counseling program includes:

  • Classroom guidance lessons 
  • Small and large groups for students addressing specific needs
  • Individual support for students

Meet the counselor to discuss any of the following:

  • Friendships & Relationships
  • Family changes
  • Grief issues
  • Mistreatment
  • Mediation
  • Safety concerns (for yourself or others)


The School-Based Family Counseling Program

The School-Based Family Counseling Program is a unique opportunity for students and their families to receive additional support and counseling for reducing barriers to learning for students.

Counseling sessions are free to APS students and their families and take place at a locally designated school site. For further information, please contact our counselor.