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Contact Michelle Mansfield  Michelle Mansfield Principal
Contact Teresa Montoya  Teresa Montoya Dean of Students
Office Staff
Contact Isabel Behncke  Isabel Behncke Secretary
Contact Carol Telles  Carol Telles Clerk
Health Office
Contact Helen Bachicha  Helen Bachicha (505) 897-5174 ex: 41433 Health Room Assistant
Contact Ronda Davison  Ronda Davison (505) 897-5174 Nurse
Contact Mary Brudos  Mary Brudos Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Kristen Jarrett  Kristen Jarrett Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Tonia Padilla  Tonia Padilla Kindergarten Teacher
First Grade
Contact James Butterbaugh  James Butterbaugh 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Victoria Griego  Victoria Griego 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Jeanne Senn  Jeanne Senn 1st Grade Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Deborah Blea  Deborah Blea 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Michelle Springer  Michelle Springer (505) 897-5174 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Kathryn Woody  Kathryn Woody 2nd Grade Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Sara Jaramillo  Sara Jaramillo 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Joseph Macernie  Joseph Macernie 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Cheryl Montoya  Cheryl Montoya 3rd/4th Grade Teacher
Contact Susan Roberts  Susan Roberts 3rd Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Alix Fernando  Alix Fernando 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Sylvia Meyers  Sylvia Meyers (505) 897-5174 4th Grade Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Megan Arling  Megan Arling 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Deborah Motes  Deborah Motes 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Kathleen Sandoval  Kathleen Sandoval 5th Grade Teacher
Special Education
Contact Christine Aguilar  Christine Aguilar Enrichment Teacher
Contact Tracy Balk  Tracy Balk Occupational Therapist
Contact Karen Bennett  Karen Bennett Social Communication Support Teacher
Contact John Goldfarb  John Goldfarb Speech and Language Pathologist
Contact Evan Hubbard  Evan Hubbard Physical Therapist
Contact Candace Matthews  Candace Matthews Cross Cat Teacher
Contact Nicole Nagy  Nicole Nagy Social Worker
Contact Rick Oldenburgh  Rick Oldenburgh Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
Contact Sharon Provencher  Sharon Provencher Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
Contact Melissa Tafoya  Melissa Tafoya Cross Cat Teacher
Contact Monica Trujillo  Monica Trujillo (505) 897-5174 ex: 41408 Head Teacher, SCS2
Contact Monica Velasquez  Monica Velasquez Social Communication Support Teacher
Ancillary Staff
Contact Cynthia Apodaca  Cynthia Apodaca Behavior Redirector
Contact Clois Bell  Clois Bell Music Teacher
Contact Karen Bush  Karen Bush PE Coach
Contact Nancy Luna  Nancy Luna Counselor
Contact Elizabeth Mokry  Elizabeth Mokry Fine Arts Teacher
Contact Karen Pena  Karen Pena Technology Teacher
Contact Stephanie Thompson  Stephanie Thompson (505) 897-5174 ex: 41468 Librarian
Contact Alma Branki  Alma Branki Cafeteria
Contact Rebecca Rincon  Rebecca Rincon Cafeteria
Custodial Staff
Contact Andrew Benavidez  Andrew Benavidez Custodian
Contact Raquel Corona  Raquel Corona Custodian
Contact Sidney Jaramillo  Sidney Jaramillo Head Custodian
Educational Assistants
Contact Toni Alderette  Toni Alderette Educational Assistant
Contact Kim Carabajal  Kim Carabajal Kinder Educational Assistant
Contact Anna Fajardo  Anna Fajardo Educational Assistant
Contact Samantha Gabaldon  Samantha Gabaldon Educational Assistant
Contact Joan Hilger  Joan Hilger Kinder Educational Assistant
Contact Tami Hillman  Tami Hillman Educational Assistant
Contact Maymie Mitchell  Maymie Mitchell Educational Assistant
Contact Antoinette Mondragon  Antoinette Mondragon Educational Assistant
Contact Tammy Montes  Tammy Montes Kinder Educational Assistant
Contact Kaitlin Moore  Kaitlin Moore Educational Assistant
Contact Elizabeth Sisneros  Elizabeth Sisneros Educational Assistant
Contact Nicole Trujillo  Nicole Trujillo Educational Assistant
Contact Elda Urquieta  Elda Urquieta Educational Assistant
Contact Franchon Wetsel  Franchon Wetsel Educational Assistant